Nokia C3

Nokia C3

Nokia C3

Nokia C3-01, according to Nokia, is a product designed as per demands of users, who wanted the functionality of touch as well as physical keys. And that’s what the phone features, a 2.4 inch resistive touch screen along with a multitap keypad.

The phone looks very similar to what Nokia has been offering over the ages, a typical bar phone.

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– – –  Specifications – – –
Model   Year Released
Form Factor Operating System
Dimensions Weight
Screen Size Display Type
Battery Bluetooth
Internal Memory Extendable Memory
GPS Camera/Video
Music Codecs Supported Radio Transmitter

Features :–

Touch screen and keypad

  • Go for a modern look – opt for modern looks with this touch and type device in a stainless steel casing.
  • Touch the screen to open apps, flip through photos and browse the web.
  • Type messages and notes easily using the keypad.
  • Use this compact phone comfortably with one hand.

Customisable home screen

  • Personalise your home screen with apps and contact shortcuts.
  • Call a friend, send an SMS or see status updates by selecting their picture.
  • Get feeds from Facebook and Twitter directly to your home screen.
  • Access your email, chat, calendar and music with dedicated widgets.
  • Customise by changing the background, theme and icons.

Easy email and messaging

  • Get emails instantly from Hotmail, Gmail and other personal accounts.
  • Start an instant message conversation with friends through Ovi Chat.
  • Say more with a picture by sending a multimedia message.
  • Send an SMS to a friend by touching their picture on your home screen.

Fast mobile internet and Wi-Fi

  • Get online when you need to through a fast 3.5G or Wi-Fi connection.
  • Access a world of information and services through the mobile browser.
  • Check Facebook easily for new messages, wall posts and status updates.
  • Post photos directly to Facebook for your friends and family to enjoy.
  • Browse millions of videos on YouTube and watch them at any time.

Mobile entertainment

  • Capture high-quality photos and videos with the 5 megapixel camera.
  • Take great photos night or day with the LED flash.
  • Enjoy your favourite songs and shows on the music player and FM radio.
  • Find new tracks at Ovi Music and simply download your favourites.
  • Download apps, games, videos and more at Ovi Store.


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