Nokia C2-03 Touch and Type dual SIM mobile phone

Nokia C2-03 Touch and Type Dual SIM Mobile Phone

Nokia C2-03 Touch and Type Dual SIM Mobile Phone

Nokia C2-03 is a Dual SIM with Touch and Type phone recently launched. The Nokia C2-03 is a slider Touch and Type S40 device, remembers up to 5 SIM cards settings and comes with easy to swap SIM feature.


The C2-03 is the third touch and type phone from. Featuring 240 x 320 pixels screen resolution the Nokia C2-03 sports a 2 MP camera, video recording, music player and can play music up to 35 hours.

The low-cost touchscreen slider phone – the Nokia C2-03 is a Dual SIM with Touch and Type phone and offers excellent value. Watch the introductory video …..



– – –  Specifications – – –
Model   Year Released
Form Factor Operating System
Dimensions Weight
Screen Size Display Type
Battery Bluetooth
Internal Memory Extendable Memory
GPS Camera/Video
Music Codecs Supported Radio Transmitter

Features :-

Touch screen and keypad

  • Touch the screen to open apps, flick through photos and browse the web.
  • Watch videos and see pictures on the 2.6’’ QVGA display.
  • Slide open the keypad for fast, easy messaging.
  • Typing on the keypad is fast and
    convenient – just like you’re used to.
  • Get straight to your favourite apps with a simple swipe to the left or right of your home screen.

Dual SIM

  • Manage your call and data costs by choosing the right SIM for you.
  • Keep one SIM inside the phone, then swap between multiple SIMs with the easy-swap slot.
  • Your phone remembers messaging and other settings for up to five SIMs.
  • Switch easily between two SIMs inside your phone with one touch of a button.

Internet and browsing

  • Save on data costs – the efficient Nokia Browser reduces the amount of data downloaded.
  • Web pages load faster than ever before, meaning less waiting time.
  • A handy web app catalogue helps you find your favourite websites and services.
  • Check Facebook and Twitter updates easily from the same view.
  • Post photos and videos to your social networks for your friends to enjoy.

Apps and more

  • Get new apps at the Store, right from your phone – apps for messaging and more.
  • Put fun at your fingertips with the latest games for touch-screen phones.
  • Give your phone a personal touch – get lively ringtones, themes and more.
  • Check out the latest movie trailers, or get a video greeting to share.


  • You’ll always have a map in your pocket with Nokia Maps on your phone.
  • Maps for your region are preloaded, saving you data download costs.
  • Plan the best walking or bike routes to places you want to visit.
  • Share your location with friends through MMS.
  • See what’s nearby and find what you
    need – restaurants, stores and more.


  • Play your favourite tracks on the built-in MP3 player.
  • Simply touch the screen to play music, skip songs or change stations.
  • Enjoy music with friends on the powerful built-in 106 phon speaker.
  • Take hundreds of songs with you on the included 2 GB microSD memory card.
  • Tune in to music and news with the FM radio.


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